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SaleKeithley 2510 Keithley 2510 Precision Temperature Control Source Meter


Product parameters

Option Calibrated Delivery cycle Warranty Condition
No 0days 12month 70% new
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Shenzhen City Intact
Budget Price: TEL
Update date:2020-03-18
Contact phone:+86-755-86016691

*Product description

The 2510 and 2520-AT precision temperature control source meters enhance Keithley's integrity of the laser diode's high-speed LIV (light intensity-current-voltage) characteristics test. These two 50W power bipolar source meter instruments are specifically designed for the testing application of laser diode modules for optical communication networks to ensure strict temperature control of the devices under test. The 2510 is the first temperature-controlled instrument specifically designed to test optical communication laser diodes. It combines Keithley's high-speed DC power supply and precision measurement capabilities to form an accurate TEC for the laser diode module's thermoelectric cooler. The ability to control temperature.

Detailed information

50W TEC controller with DC measurement

Provide full digital PID control

Temperature control during laser diode module testing

Wide temperature setting (-50°C to +225°C), high resolution setting (±0.001°C), good stability (±0.005°C)

Supports multiple temperature sensor inputs - thermistor, RTD and IC sensor

Maintain constant temperature, current, voltage and sensor impedance

AC ohm measurement method to detect mechanical damage of TEC

TEC parameters are measured and displayed while temperature is being controlled

Four-wire open/short conduction detection for thermal feedback components

IEEE-488 and RS-232 interface

Compact half-rack design

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