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SaleADVANTEST Q8344A Optical Spectrum Analyzer


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Shenzhen City Intact
Budget Price: 4437
Update date:2018-10-26
Contact phone:+86-755-86016691

*Product description

The Q8344A is an optical spectrum analyzer employing a Michelson interferometer. The coherent length which cannot be measured by dispersion spectroscopy using a grating can be measured by the Q8344A using the interference method. The Q8344A can easily determine the noise suppression performance of the CD/DVD laser diode due to the reflection light. The Q8344A analyzer employs Fourier spectroscopy using an interference meter, measurement can be performed in a definite time independent of the setting of the measurement wavelength span. In Q8344A, He-Ne laser is used as the internal reference light source, a high wavelength accuracy of 0.1 nm is realized. Because of these features, no wavelength calibration is required. Various aspects have been taken into consideration to make measurement easier. The panel key arrangement, Soft key menus and basic key functions can be specified in the first hierarchy. The Q8344A has a built-in level meter which greatly facilities adjustment of the measurement light coupling. Zoom function helps in displaying and analyzing the data. The measurement data can be displayed wide to narrow span without repeating measurement. Various processing functions are included which are four types of spectral width measurement functions, an automatic peak function, four types of cursor indication modes, and 32 data memory areas. Measurement data can be easily output using a high-speed thermal printer having a printing speed of less than 8 seconds. The features of this analyzer make it very effective for the evaluation of laser diodes used in optical data storage equipment, fiber optic gyroscopes, and related applications. The Q8344A analyzer should not be used in a dusty place or expose it to direct sunlight or corrosive gases. The Q8344A analyzer is provided with a fan which prevents abnormal temperature rise. Since the fan blows air outside, make sure that the area around the analyzer is well ventilated. Avoid placing any other device up against the rear panel. The fan filter should be cleaned periodically. Since the Q8344A analyzer is a precision instrument, do not subject it to vibration or use it on a table where it was overturn.

The Advantest Q8344A makes use of a Fourier spectrum analysis approach based on a Michelson interferometer. Because of this, the Q8344A can measure optical coherence that cannot be obtained directly using diffraction-type optical spectrum analyzers which use monochromators to make their measurements.

  • Michelson Interferometer Type Measurements
  • Direct Coherence Length Measurements
  • Fiber Type  Multimode,Singlemode 
  • Minimum Wavelength  350 nm 
  • Maximum Wavelength  1750 nm 
  • Minimum Wavelength Resolution  0.05 nm 
  • Maximum Wavelength Resolution  0.1 nm 
  • Minimum Span  0.1 nm 
  • Maximum Span  140 nm 
  • Minimum Input Decibel  -70 dBm 
  • Maximum Input Decibel  10 dBm 
  • Maximum Dynamic Range  80 dB 
  • Measurement Accuracy  2 dB

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