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Salerek RK7122 Programmable withstand voltage tester


Product parameters

Option Calibrated Delivery cycle Warranty Condition
No 7days 12month 80% new
Location Serial Number State Data download
Shenzhen City Intact
Budget Price: 536.4333
Update date:2016-12-17
Contact phone:+86-755-86016691

*Product description

RK71 _series Programmable tester

Product introduction

This series of programmable voltage tester are using high-speed MCU and large scale digital circuit design of high performance safety test instrument,The size of the output voltage,the the rise and fall of output voltage,the frequency of output voltage are controlled by the MCU completely.It can display the breakdown current value and the voltage value in real time.And has the function of software calibration.Can test the breakdown voltage,leakage current and other electrical safety performance indicators of various objects intuitive,accurate and fast.And it can be used as a high voltage source to test the performance of components and the whole machine.

This instrument complies with first parts of safety standards for household and similar electrical appliances:General requirements IEC60335-1,GB4706.1,UL60335-1.Information technology equipment for UL60950,GB4943,IEC60950.Audio,video and safety requirements for similar electronic devices:UL60065,conform to GB8898,IEC60065.measurement,first parts of electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use:General requirements of IEC61010-1,GB4793.1.

Application area

Components:diode,triode,high-voltage silicon stack,all kinds of electronic transformer, connector assembly,high voltage electrical equipment.

Household Electric Appliances:TV,refrigerator,air conditioner,washing machine,dryer, electric blanket,charger etc.

Insulation material:heat shrinkable tube,capacitor film,high pressure tube,insulating paper,insulated shoes,rubber insulating gloves,PCB circuit board etc.

Instruments and meters:oscilloscope,signal generator,DC power supply,switching power supply and other types of machine.

Lighting appliances:ballast,road lights,stage lights,portable lamps and other types of lamps.

Electric heating appliances:electric drill,pistol drill,cutting machine,grinding machine,electric welding machine etc.

Wire and cable:high voltage cable,optical cable,electric cable,silicone rubber cable, etc.

Performance characteristics

The voltage gradient ascent by the set time,and the breakdown point can be analyzed.

Starting when zero crossing,cutting when zero crossing,to prevent damage to the test piece.

The upper and lower limit setting of current.

Has 5 groups of memory capacity,the test results saved automatically.

Has arc detection function.(as 1-9 level)

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