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Dear users:

Hello! If the following questions fail to resolve your current problems, please contact with customer service staff.

Purchase consultation

Can you change the order after finishing an order?

All products of our company are manual orders and manually update website order number by ourselves, before updating you can contact customer service staff to change the order. If it has already been shipped, please contact specific matters of return and exchange with the customer service staff.

Can we issue an invoice?

The instruments of Hichen equiplink all are licensed originals, a formal invoice will be issued (free choice whether to open the invoice for special instrument users), invoice value including shipping fees unless there is a special note.

Shipping inquiry

Can I specify a delivery company?

All products of our company are shipped by SF-Express, if you have designated express, please contact the customer service staff immediately when you start to place an order.

How many days can I received the instruments?

The customers generally can receive the products within 24 hours in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou area through SF express (delivery time may be longer in the suburbs); customers in other areas, general delivery time in 1-7 days according to your address different,  (very remote areas of distribution time can will be longer). Specific arrival time depend on the tracking number of your selected express company.

 After sales rules

which conditions you can return, replacement and repair?

Function of fault with the state laws or commodity quality problems, you find goods damaged, missing parts or product description does not match with website when you received the products. A part of the used instruments do not support the return, replacement, repair, specific details you can contact with our customer service staff.

How long does it need for return, replacement and repair?

Generally, returns processing cycle (not include testing time) is 7 days since received faulty products, about the payment of the refund time, please click to query how long you can receive;

Replacement processing cycle: we will process within 15 days since received the faulty products.

Normal repair processing cycle: we will process within 30 days since received the faulty products.

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