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Invoice Notes
Respected customer:
Hello ! You will receive our regular invoices issued after Hao Chen instrument networking shopping , please read this notice.
1, The invoice from the financial center of Shenzhen unified issued and mailed, not with your order goods at the same time served, please understand and pay attention
2, The amount for invoice must be same as the amount actually paid.
3, Hao Chen invoice types provided networking instrument of “ordinary VAT invoice (non-deductible)” and “value-added tax invoices (deductible)”two.
4,In order to improve operational efficiency and to avoid return impact may occur, the invoice generally arrives 14 days before issuing a monthly billing on the 20th of the month deadline,
such as failure to open the month out, then automatically extended to the next month billing, and express mail before the 25th of each month.

5. 5, Please fill out the correct invoice mailing address , contact person and phone number, to ensure that the invoice can be accurately delivered. If you do not fill in this , Hao Chen will be the shipping address as a networking instrument Invoice mailing address, so that timely contact with you.
Ordinary VAT invoice
1,For the customer doesn’t have the general taxpayer, shall issue VAT invoice ordinary (non-deductible)
2,When issuing the invoice, please be modified in the modify information in the invoice payable invoice entry would need to rise .
3. VAT invoices will be delivery after you receive the instrument.
4, Information under the same ordinary VAT invoice information you entered, invoice once opened , will not be returned.
VAT invoices
1, If you need the “VAT invoice” , please select the “VAT invoice”.
2,To ensure the “value-added tax invoices” the smooth issuance, please submit your page in order to check carefully when completing the billing information, such as information you submitted is incorrect cause by the wrong invoice and Movies Sound certification deductible, Hao Chen is not responsible for instrument networking.
3. VAT invoices will be delivery after you receive the instrument.
4. In order to enable customers to timely and effective use of “VAT invoices”, please fill out the company name, address, phone number, tax, bank and account number, invoice mailing address and notes.
    Content intended to be filled in accordance with tax information.
    a. Company name must be registered in the name of industrial and commercial registration.
    b. The company’s address and phone number is your billing address and phone information on.
    c. Tax registration number is your company’s “tax registration certificate” the number, usually 15,enter after double-check.
    d. Bank name and bank account number of both accounts must be filled in, are indispensable.
Friendly reminder:
1, In accordance with national customs regulations, import IC integrated circuit that is free of all duties, but classes for non-integrated components (such as relays, band pass filter, attenuator, various modules, cables, etc) may require an additional increase of 5%-12% of the tariff, as you ordered online at Hao Chen instrument networking devices are recognized when the declaration requires additional tariffs, our customer service staff will be the first time to notify you and ask you to pay the duties with the cost,please understand. 2. Hao Chen instrument intranet shown are net providers of official information, some models such as the case when we were told that you belong purchasing embargo can not be imported into the Country, our customer service members will get in touch with you in the first time, please understand.
Because the error message if you fill out the cause “VAT invoice” unable to open out we will automatically provide you opened ordinary invoices, general invoices once opened, will not be returned. According to information issued VAT invoices you entered, without affecting the certification deductible, we will not accept the secretary reopen VAT invoice requirements.
Friendly reminding:
If you have any doubts about the above billing information, consult your company’s financial staff.
If you don’t receive the invoice within 30 days after you get the instrument. Please contact our customer service staff, more than 90 days (your success single date) is not in touch with us.
Hao Chen instrument networking will no longer fill invoiced as invoiced orders.
Invoice “goods (labor) name” my company unified by default “electronic components” issue. “Model Specification” issued by the goods actually models, do not accept the actual transaction
Contrary to the specific billing requirements
Invoice refund
1,If you receive an invoice billing information you entered, orders inconsistent information , please contact our service , we will replace the correct invoice for you ASAP. Tel: 0755-86016691
2, If you receive an invoice billing information with your input, the order information is consistent, but your request to change the information you need to contact our customer service staff, through our finance department after the door agree,
     personally carry invoices need to be replaced to handle the specified address.
3. Our customer service without permission, the financial sector will not accept phone, fax, email, mail and other forms of re-invoicing application,
     if you sent invoice without any of my company office address, invoice occurring in the sending process is lost, deleted, etc. We wouldn't be responsible for this.

Thank you for your cooperation, wish you have a happy shopping !

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