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Latest hot instrument

Brand Model Option Name Sell Price Cosmetic Condition Update Time
Agilent 81680B Agilent 81680B tunable laser source TEL 70% new 2020-01-16
R&S ESCI3 Rohde & Schwarz ESCI3 EMI Test Receiver TEL 70% new 2020-01-15
Fujikura FSM60S Fujikura FSM60S Fiber Fusion Splicer TEL 70% new 2020-01-13
Agilent N8973A Agilent N8973A Noise Figure Analyzer TEL 70% new 2020-01-13
Agilent E7403A Agilent E7403A Spectrum Analyzer TEL 70% new 2020-01-13
YOKOGAWA AQ6375 YOKOGAWA AQ6375 Spectrum Analyzer TEL 70% new 2020-01-13
Teseq NSG-438 TESEQ NSG-438 high-end ESD simulator TEL 70% new 2020-01-13
LeCroy SDA 8 Zi-A LeCroy SDA 8 Zi-A Serial Data Analyzer TEL 70% new 2020-01-13


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